Home Options

Bay Area Home Options, Inc. develop land lease communities with sites available for rent to Recreational Vehicles & Campers (RV/Camper), Park Model Recreational Vehicles (PMRV) and HUD (Federal housing code) homes. Local zoning regulations, HCD permit to operate and specific resident guidelines will determine which land-lease communities can accommodate which type of housing.

Generally, Special Occupancy parks (Campgrounds) can accept RV/Campers along with PMRVs and would not allow HUD code homes.

Typically, manufactured/mobile home parks can accept PMRV and HUD code homes and would not allow RV/Campers. 

Do-it-yourself built tiny homes, must be built and inspected and must meet or exceed one of the above codes before they can be sited in a community. This helps ensure the safety of existing and future residents by ensuring all homes have been built and inspected according to the applicable codes and standards.

NOTE: Available home options vary from community by community.



Option A: 2 bedroom Park Model RV

Home ranges from tiny (200 sq ft) to 600 sq ft.

Homes maybe 1-2 bedroom models.


Option B: PMRV

Homes must be constructed to 1 of 2 building standards. Each home needs to be approved as either (1) a park model recreational vehicle or (2) a HUD code home. 


Option C: Outdoor Living Spaces

BAHO welcomes great housing diversity including: porches, decks, outdoor canopies, trellis, storage sheds and indoor/outdoor living space to maximize living areas.


Option D: DIY Tiny Home

Homes may be built as  do-it-yourself (DIY) if they have been inspected and certified as park model recreational vehicles (PMRV).


Option E: Park Model Recreational Vehicle

This park model recreational vehicle is allowed in some communities and not all communities as it lacks residential siding and residential roofing.


Option F: Fifth Wheel

Fifth wheel campers are allowed in Special Occupancy parks, also known as campgrounds. These homes are not allowed in manufactured home parks.


Option G: Class A Motorhome

Class A motorhomes are also allowed in Special Occupancy communities and not allowed in manufactured home parks..