"For many home owners and renters, high monthly housing costs can become a financial and emotional anchor.  Lowering monthly housing expenses and improving housing security can transform a housing anchor into a sail."



“Your house shall not be an anchor but a mast.”  - Khalil Gibran

Real estate development


Bay Area Home Options works with landowners, cities, and community groups to identify locations for tiny house communities.


Once a site is identified or acquired, the multi-year process begins to obtain approvals and permits for development. This process, also known as entitlements, requires foresight and creativity to address code requirements while maintaining affordable monthly housing cost for future home owners.


From end to end, Bay Area Home Options (BAHO) partners with surrounding residents and cities to provide sustainable, long term affordable housing. When entitlement is finished BAHO moves to construction management and long-term ownership and operation of completed land lease communities.